Snark – First Imagined by C.S Lewis this creature combines the sense of a snake and a shark. Don’t get too close. It might bite…. or strangle you!

Platypus – Is it an otter, a beaver, a duck, a goose, a hoax? No its a platypus. Native to Australia it has been perplexing taxidermists ever since its discovery. It just goes to show.. real life can sometimes be more unbelievable than imagination.

Spotted Xylophone Zebra – What do you get when you cross a musical instrument and a animal? A poorly camouflaged zebra and off sounding music.

Lionpotamus – What is the most deadly mammal on earth? Its not the lion but the hippopotamus. In Meinong’s jungle however there is an animal even more dangerous than them combined.

Parrokey – A very close cousin to the evil winged monkeys in the Wizard of Oz. While not evil the are certainly very cheeky and can talk back in all languages.

Welcome! You have stumbled upon Meinong’s Zoo. The creatures here are only found in Meinong’s Jungle. Enjoy your visit. It is a place where you imagination runs wild and become real.