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Brooke’s Jetty Competition

Project Information
Melbourne, Australia
Sebastian Tiong

From carefree children frolicking on the shoreline to your first kiss enjoying the sunset below the water, the images of St Kilda hold a sacred place in the minds of many.

The “Seaside Photobooth”, draws upon tectonic elements of scale, proportion, materiality and form to manipulate both light as well as perspective, achieving a space which reinforces the St Kilda Seaside experience. Conceptually the proposal plays on the idea inherent within the photo stand-in, a staple of seaside amusements – the momentary and illusionary transcendence of reality as the result of a planar division. Formally, the architectural form is inspired by the camera obscura.

The architecture consists of a series of 5 ‘planes’ arranged in descending widths and heights, spaced a decreasing distance apart. A linear aperture is designed through the centre and is orientates west to capture the setting sun. The sunlight permeates through the aperture like the clerestory of a cathedral, enticing the visitor in. Transcendence from reality is achieved upon traversing the first planar form.

The sense of progression and reveal is heighted by the sequential arrangement of structural forms as well as the portals through each successive planar division. An intimacy is achieved before the last portal, when suddenly the entire celestial horizon reveals itself upon its transversal. The moment of sanctitude is abruptly broken by the tidal splash of a diver.


This is is the architecture of the “Seaside Photobooth” – a space of both amusement and personal sacrosanct, where memories are made and captured