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  • "So he resumed his walk, but the way proved long. For the street he was in, the main street in the village, did not lead up to Castle Hill, it only made towards it and then, as deliberately, turned aside, and though it did not lead away from the Castle it got no nearer to it either"- pg 22 

  • "Had he been gone for such a long time? Surely not for more than an hour or two by his reckoning. Ans it had been morning when he left. And he had not felt the need for food. And just a short time ago it had been uniform daylight, and now the darkness of night was upon them" - pg 29-30 

  • "A very angular and broken stair led downwards and was crossed down below by a low but apparently deep passage; everything was clean and whitewashed, sharply and distinctly defined" - pg 131 


Imagining Kafha’s Castle

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Kafha's Castle
Sebastian Tiong