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  • Basement Floor  

    Ground Floor  

    First Floor  

  • Perspective View 

    Single Terrace Unit 

    Basement Studio + Upper Division 

    Rear Unit and Backyard + Front Division 

    Large Terrace + Apartment + Basement Studio 


Missing Middle Competition

Project Information
Sebastian Tiong

This project was a competition entry to the NSW government ‘Missing Middle Design Competition’. The aim of the competition was to investigate innovative medium density housing typologies (terrace houses, manor houses, dual occupancy) that could be applied to middle and outer suburbs in Sydney. The submission was entered under the terrace house category and proposes the development of three terraces on a typical suburban block. The concept of the design was to have compartmentalized spaces to enable multi-generational as well as multi-occupancy living. Operable and adjustable walls between the terraces allow each dwelling to suit various family units. The ground floor of the terrace is raised from group level to provide a noise barrier as the site is adjacent to a railway line