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Architecture as Conversation

Behind every great piece of architecture is a conversation. And every great architect is a conductor of such. Like a great conductor facilitating instrumental dialogue into a single harmonious overture, the architect too seeks harmony – by asking the right questions and knowing when and how to probe its answers.

The Architect:
How can I contribute to shaping the world? How can I leave my mark?

The Philosopher:
Perhaps history’s great thinkers can invoke some thought.

The Artist:
Do not forget the company of painters and musicians to stir the soul.

The Architect:
I see it clearly now! A vision of what could be.

Mother Nature:
Turn away from the mirror my dear friend. Look onto the world instead. Breathe in the air, feel the soil. Do not let the image of yourself obstruct what is all around you.

The City:
It is true that no man is an island as it is true that no site is a tabula rasa. Before proposing what could be, consider what has come before.

The Architect:
How foolish of me to have such a myopic view. Let me open my eyes to now really see.

The Client:
Let me know what you have seen. Share your vision so together we can create something lasting.

The User:
It is not only with your own eyes which you must see by with the eyes of others too.

The Architect:
I have been humbled. I have come to realise it is not only my vision – It is also of those around.

The Public:
To stand the test of time it must stand the test of the public.

The Architect:
Indeed it must and it will…..

The Engineer:
… but first I need to make sure it does stand….

The Builder:
… and it is I, that will make it stand….

Mother Nature:
Make it stand lightly upon me.

The City:
… and make sure it stands with grace and beauty.

The Sun:
I will shine light upon all your creation. For I am the one who makes Architecture see its own form.